Samsung Infuse 4G Manual - Download Infuse 4G User Guide

Samsung Infuse 4G Manual - Download Infuse 4G User Guide  - The Samsung Infuse 4G manual or user guide is crucial guide that contain reference info and instruction for owner of the Samsung Infuse 4G samrtphone for AT&T. maybe you're one in every of one that doesn't understand once it's bought the Samsung Infuse 4G portable, a lot of must you find out about the options and applications on the market. If you're the user kind UN agency likes exploration with the Samsung Infuse 4G that you simply have purchased it, there's nothing wrong if you scan the Samsung Infuse 4G user guide PDF. By reading the Samsung Infuse 4G manual, you'd profit and new information vital instruction for instance putting in place phone, charging the battery tutorial, protection and unlocking bit screen, putting in place voice mail, learn phone layout, menu and key button, exploitation menu navigation, memory card, exploitation applications like mudia hub, music player, Live TV, video, gallery, exploitation camera, and camcoder, messaging settings, exploitation email, Google speak, allshare, angry birds, AT&T code scanner and familymap, exploitation browser, facebook, latitude, maps, mini diary, exploitation quickoffice, task manager, write and Go, youtube, ypmobile, etc. Then phone setting guide like decision and sound settings, show and settings,, privacy, robot system recovery, software system update instruction, connecting guide like using wi-fi, bluetooth, laptop connections, media playback on HD TV, safety, warranty, maintenence guide, and more. every get the Samsung Infuse 4G mobile phone, in fact perpetually enclosed a guide book or manual that has the written type. however if you lost with the user guide or user manual and wish to scan the Samsung Infuse 4G owner manual on-line or transfer it in pdf file, please visit samsung official web site. but you'll conjointly transfer the manual that on the market at the top of this text. please click the link. For table of content  from Samsung Infuse 4G user manual, scan below:

Table of content for the Samsung Infuse 4G Manual / user guide:

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2: Understanding Your Phone
  • Section 3: Call Functions
  • Section 4: Entering Text
  • Section 5: Contacts and Your Address Book
  • Section 6: Multimedia
  • Section 7: Messaging
  • Section 8: Changing Your Settings
  • Section 9: Connections
  • Section 10: Applications
  • Section 11: Health and Safety Information
  • Section 12: Warranty Information
  • Section 13: Samsung Product Registration
  • Index  
Download free pdf manual from here:
Samsung Infuse 4G Manual user guide (English |  6.53 MB | 205 pages)
Title: Samsung Infuse 4G Manual - Download Infuse 4G User Guide
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