Nokia Lumia 800 User Manual Guide
Nokia Lumia 800 User Manual Guide
Nokia Lumia 800 User Manual Guide
Design :
Appearance design is indeed the same as the lumia 800 nokia n9 (os meego). When asked the reason, there is no convincing answer from the nokia. but it seems Nokia still want users to feel revolutionary design this nokia creations. lumia 800 carrying the unibody design, meaning the whole department together without any parts or screws in his body. terbbuat body made from polycarbonate which feels a bit rough.
Lumia 800 is floating display screen, because the edges slightly convex section. amoled screen technology brings, plus clear black display until it looked clear even under the scorching sun. appearance metro ui interface is composed of the lock screen (initial appearance) which can be replaced wallpaper. wipe the screen lock up, can appear similar widget boxes. then wipe the screen to kiro, there is the main menu is arranged rows and just rubbed up / down.
With a unibody design, the sim card slot is placed on the outside of the body, similar to the plan hotswap, exactly at the top. sim card slot next to the microUSB port for data cable and charger interests. remain at the top, there is an audio jack port 3, 5 mm to plug a headset.
Note :
The battery is fused with the body, not removable-off. lumia 800 carries micro sim card type, similar to those applied to the iphone 4/4s.
As with os windows phone, lumia 800 has been equipped with features office. in this feature you can open, edit, and make a new file for ms office. however, special power point can only be opened and edited, can not open a new file. apply windows phone plan 'put people first'. meaning simply connected the menu in tiles (menu box) to be associated with others. for example people access (phonebook), then you can sign in to the various social networks and existing synchronization options.
Camera resolution of 8 megapixels, completeness of features that brought the white balance, exposure, ISO, effects, saturation, flash, zoom, autofocus, macro mode, sports, portrait, landscape, as well as the backlight. for speed of access, in terms of body right there is a shortcut key to activate the camera menu. camera can also record video with HD resolution (720p/30 fps).
Made using windows os, browser for internet explorer 9 internet brings to open some sites as well. to zoom in / ot be done with a pinch or double step tab. entrusted to force search engines bing, can be done with great tone commands. for file transfer songs, videos, and multimedia from / to pc must use the zune software.
Note :
Lumia 800 is equipped with a hardware accelerator, until the entire system can steraming road quickly. Microsoft SkyDrive also provide service to put the photo (also other data) to the cloud.
Performance :
Microsoft windows phone 7. 5 (mango) present the appearance of the interface is so attractive, but it continues to be in the present so smoothly. This smartphone capabilities certainly can not be separated from the support Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor with speed. 4 ghz and 512 mb ram, to survive, lumia 800 obtained from the power supply lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1450 mah. done time trials try to memuta music, this smartphone will last all 55 hours. but to use that fairly often, the battery can be discharged over a period of approximately 7 hours.

Title: Nokia Lumia 800 User Manual Guide
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